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Unformatted text preview: Anth 430 – Environmental Archaeology Matt Staten Article Review – Week 2 15 January 2008 Human Responses to Environmental Change In this chapter of her book “Environmental Archaeology: Principles and Practice” Dena Dincauze discusses the two kinds of environmental change and lists the way humans respond to those changes. Dincauze begins the chapter with the premise that because of the nature of the Earth, organisms must be able to adapt and adjust to survive. Because the main method of human adaptation (or adjustment, depending on the situation according to Dincauze) is the application or modification of culture and because the goal of archaeology is to study the culture of past peoples, it is necessary for archaeologists to study the way in which man has adapted to environmental change. The first couple of pages in this chapter seems a little scattered – going from discussing the ways humans interact with their environment to the “unsolved problems” in paleoecology to the benefit of refined...
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