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The Mini Cases 5 Companies, 5 Strategies, 5 Transformations

Academic industrial goods cement agriculture

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Unformatted text preview: .indd 74 08_BOSS_survey questions_45-80.indd 74 74 9/9/09 8:09:10 AM 9/9/09 8:09:10 AM Q20. What important topics have we missed in defining how sustainability impacts management and strategy? Survey gaps/ applicability Other areas to probe next time • • • • Survey could be more applicable to service industries, nonprofits Less focus on financials/economics More focus on sociological issues (instead of ecological issues) Less assumption that respondent views environmental agenda is valid and important • • • • • • Change management issues and link to corporate culture Leadership capabilities and gaps How to go about building the business case Importance of scorecards, reporting, and how to build the capabilities Role of government Differentiation between sustainability in developing and developed nations MIT SLOAN MANAGEMENT REVIEW 08_BOSS_survey questions_45-80.indd 75 08_BOSS_survey questions_45-80.indd 75 75 9/9/09 8:09:11 AM 9/9/09 8:09:11 AM Q21. What is your position? C-suite exe...
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  • Spring '14
  • Business, MIT Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT Sloan Management Review, sustainability initiative, 01_BOSS_Sustainability Report_1-16.indd Sec2

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