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In the process the exercise of measurement itself may

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Unformatted text preview: nt Joel Makower wrote on his blog,, “the consortium’s mandate is to focus on how to evaluate products, which Wal-Mart hopes will become the basis for standards, ratings, or other product-level evaluations that it would use in its stores.” That data will be used to develop an index for consumers to evaluate products, though it’s still unclear how that information will be measured and presented. Nor is there a timeline for rolling such an index out. Impact: Wal-Mart wants its sustainability index to be open to all, becoming a standard to measure and communicate the green credentials of a product and thus becoming “a tool for sustainable consumption.” In the process, the exercise of measurement itself may reap rewards in more efficient production, less waste, and lower emissions—all of which are also cost-savings measures. “Customers do want low prices, but not by sacrificing quality. They want products that are more efficient, that last longer and perform better. And increasingly, they...
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  • Spring '14
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