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Mit sloan management review 04bosssustainability

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Unformatted text preview: rice premium), improved employee recruitment, retention and engagement, and lower risk premiums (which improve valuations and enable easier access to capital and insurance). 3. Stakeholders include consumers, business-to-business customers, competitors, regulators, nongovernmental organizations, society overall, financiers, lenders, and capital-market analysts. 4. Capabilities and tools include but are not limited to frameworks for developing the business case; measurement, tracking, and reporting tools; scenario-planning capabilities; technologies for product design and manufacturing; supply chain technologies; capabilities in partnering with stakeholders; and regulatory expertise. MIT SLOAN MANAGEMENT REVIEW 04_BOSS_Sustainability Audit_29-32.indd 32 04_BOSS_Sustainability Audit_29-32.indd 32 32 9/9/09 7:41:27 AM 9/9/09 7:41:27 AM Methodology for the Sustainability Survey and Interviews The first annual Business of Sustainability research project—a part of the Sustainability Initiative at—had three parts. First, there were...
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