The Mini Cases 5 Companies, 5 Strategies, 5 Transformations

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Unformatted text preview: or sustainability issues among consumers Increasing interest in sustainability among employees Air, water, or other environmental pollution Depletion of nonrenewable resources (such as oil) Societal pressures—social license to operate a business Water supply or access issues Global political security Population growth Climate change 1. Respondents were asked to rate the issues on a scale of 1 (no impact) to 5 (major impact); this exhibit reflects the percentage of respondents who rated each issue with a 4 or 5. MIT SLOAN MANAGEMENT REVIEW 07_BOSS_Survey Highlights_37-44.indd 38 07_BOSS_Survey Highlights_37-44.indd 38 38 9/9/09 7:19:33 AM 9/9/09 7:19:33 AM Q2. How much impact will the following sustainability-related issues have on your organization?1 Research highlights % • Non-corporate survey respondents viewed nearly all issues as having a more significant impact on their organizations than did their for-profit counterparts 40 For-profit 31% 30 Not-for-profit2 30% 28% 27% 24% 23% 20 23% 22% 22% 22% 21% 19% 21% 17% 17% 20% 17% 14% 20% 17...
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