The Mini Cases 5 Companies, 5 Strategies, 5 Transformations

See exhibit 2 on page 18 sixty seven percent said

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Unformatted text preview: nefits. The major points of contention included the following: ▼ Government Legislation. Overall, corporate respondents in the broader survey group deemed government legislation the sustainability-related issue with the greatest impact on their business. (See Exhibit 2 on page 18.) Sixty-seven percent said that this issue had a significant impact on how their organization was approaching sustainability.3 By contrast, the thought leader group placed far less emphasis on government legislation as a driving force in sustainability. Further, many of the thought leaders we interviewed cited instances in which companies had played a role in shaping the regulatory framework rather than simply reacting to it. (For more about one company that actively shapes the regulatory environment and partners with government and other stakeholders, see the Mini-Case on page 24, “A Better Place: Charging Ahead in Favorable Regulatory Climates.”) ▼ Consumer Concerns. Fifty-eight percent of respondents in the broader survey group cited consumer concerns as having a signi...
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