The Mini Cases 5 Companies, 5 Strategies, 5 Transformations

Sixty two percent of these respondents considered it

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Unformatted text preview: engaging with suppliers across the value chain. Sixty-two percent of these respondents considered it necessary to hold suppliers to specific sustainability criteria; only 25 percent of novices felt the same. There was a high correlation between the depth of a business leader’s experience with sustainability and the drivers and benefits that he or she perceives. For example, 68 percent of business leaders with sustainability expertise indicated the financial logic for their organization’s investments in sustainability initiatives was either “advantage—material financial returns” or “attractive—incremental financial returns.” This suggests that the more people know about sustainability, the more thoughtfully they evaluate it and the more opportunity they see in it—and the more they think it matters to how companies manage themselves and compete. According to survey respondents, the biggest drivers of corporate sustainability investments—that is, the forces that are having the greatest impact on comp...
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