The Mini Cases 5 Companies, 5 Strategies, 5 Transformations

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Unformatted text preview: usiness practices, R&D, and investment strategy." "Top management leadership and integration into business model." "They are holistic in their view of sustainability." "Willing to sacrifice short-term benefits for long-term advantage." "They focus on innovation and creating value in the long-term." "Willingness to pursue long-term view vs. short-term view." "They have a multigenerational thinking process." "They are forward thinking and planning for change." Ecological/ social focus beyond profit "Willing to make uneconomic decisions for the sake of stakeholder interest in environment." "They have large programmes embracing social, environmental and educational areas." "They not only think in terms of revenue. Money is not the only objective, surely is important, but is not all." PR/ transparency "Well-publicized green initiatives." "They are more proactive and engage the media." "Transparency regarding their sustainability initiatives." MIT SLOAN MANAGEMENT REVIEW 08_BOSS_survey questions_45-80.indd 70 08_BOSS_survey questions_45-80.indd 70 70 9/9/09 8:09:09 AM 9/9/09 8:09:09 AM Q17. How would you benchmark your organization against this world-class standard? (Please select one.) World-class as well Above industry average, but not world-class Industry average Below industry average Well behind Don’t know Other 26% Above...
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