Below are calcium signals from spines in auditory

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Unformatted text preview: ligible cable effect. CalculaCons show that the current injected into a dendrite by a synapse on a spine head is about the same as if the synapse were directly on the dendrite. Vspine Vd 5 2/16/13 NMDA The calcium signal in spines is an essenCal message for postsynapCc plasCcity, discussed in a subsequent lecture. Confining Ca to a single spine makes the changes produced by that Ca specific to the synapse on the same spine. AMPA Ca ATPase VGCaCh Ca mGluR Ca- B IP 3 ER Dendrite spine In fact, spines are calcium traps, the length constant for calcium diffusion in dendrites is very short, approximately the length of a spine neck. a. shows 2- photon...
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