Mel 1993 current evidence suggests that nmda channels

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Unformatted text preview: depends on the properCes of the cell and the type of synapse. 100 synapses were sca_ered on the dendrites of a model* of the corCcal pyramidal cell at lower leh. They were arranged in 100/k clusters of k synapses each. The synapses were then acCvated with independent 100 Hz spike trains and the postsynapCc firing rate determined in simulaCons. The higher the firing rate, the more effecCve is a parCcular distribuCon of synapses. voltage- dependent (NMDA) synapses and acCve channels in the dendrites make clustering valuable for a passive tree, it is best to spread the synapses out, so they can sum linearly Cluster Size Cluster Size Cluster Size * (the model was a direct compartmental model of the neuron shown above. Mel, 1993 Current evidence suggests that NMDA channels are responsible for dendriCc “spikes” near the ends of small dendriCc b...
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