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Unformatted text preview: ranches. These produce amplified EPSPs in the soma. SomaCc EPSPS (data) DendriCc NMDA spikes and somaCc EPSPs in a model. ProperCes of NMDA channels: leh - gaCng Cme following neurotransmi_er release; right – current- voltage plot in 1 and 2 mM Mg++. Note the acceleraCng inward current, as in a sodium or calcium channel. Rhodes 2006 4 2/16/13 morphology of dendrites and spines every spine (gray) has a synapCc terminal (colored) EM level pictures of spines, showing synapCc densiCes uncaging glutamate acCvates the soma only when it is done near a spine Soma depolarizaCon Spruston 2008 What is the effect of spines on input/output processing in a neuron? Spines do not have a significant electrical effect: the worst- case electrotonic length (L) of the spine neck is about 0.02, so there is neg...
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