Likely due to a dendricc spike spruston 2008 summacon

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Unformatted text preview: ause of the nonlinearity of the synapCc effect, clustering of inputs reduces the net synapCc effect. The red data show the response in the soma to (near) simultaneous glutamate uncaging at 7 sites spread out along a dendrite. The green data show responses when the sites are clustered together. Note that the response is smaller when clustered for small EPSPs. Larger EPSPs (>3 mV in this case) show an increase in relaCve size, probably due to dendriCc acCve channels. likely due to a dendriCc spike Spruston 2008 SummaCon of dendriCc inputs (electrical sCmulaCon of small numbers of synapses): linear between branches and nonlinear (supralinear) within a branch. sCm electr. Perhaps the neuron is organized into subunits, within which synapses interact. These communicate by dendriCc APs. Polsky et al. 2004 3 2/16/13 The effect of relaCve placement of synapses on the dendriCc tree...
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