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Unformatted text preview: unctionsdopamine neurons show a short burst of impulses after reward Page 3 of 9 of appetitiv rence http://www.behavioralandbrainfunctions.com/content/6/1/24 Dopamine neuron they per- delivery (Fig. 1, top). After is recorded in alert monkeys whilein VTA (ventral tegmental area) several days of puts appear to co training, the animal learns to reach for the between the actu form behavioral acts and receivereward prediction error signals rewards. dictions of the tim These neurons ar Fig. 1. Changes in dopamine neurons’ Do dopamine neurons report an error of the reward is un output code for an error in the prediction of in the prediction of reward? by any preceding appetitive events. (Top) Before learning, a therefore excellen No prediction drop of appetitive fruit juice occurs in the Reward occurs “goodness” of env absence of prediction— hence a positive to learned predic error in the prediction of reward. The doThey emit a posi pamine neuron is activated by this unpreproduction) if an dicted occurrence of juice. (Middle) After (No CS) R than p...
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