A phasic activations following primary rewards b

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Unformatted text preview: s aligned influence directly on the electronic pulse that drives the solenoid valve delivering the reward liquid (top) or the onset of the conditioned visual stimulus (middle and bottom). Eachof dopamine neurons. A: Phasic activations following primary rewards. B: behavioral ac panel shows the peri-event time histogram and of Figure 1 Phasic activations of neurophysiological impulse activity 9– raster of impulses from the same neuron. HorizontalC: Top: Lack of of dots correspond to real-time intervals. (sub-11). Tempora Phasic activations following conditioned, reward predicting stimuli. distances phasic activation following primary aversive air puff. Bottom: been used in a wi Each line of dots shows onefollowingOriginal sequence of when stimulus generalization by appetitive stimuli is not ruled out; stantial activating population response trial. conditioned aversive stimuli trials is plotted from top to bottom. CS, grey: population response to conditioned visual aversive primary reward. applications that conditioned, reward-predicting stimulus; R,stimulus when appetitive stimulus is also visual; black: lack of population response to condi-...
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