The dopamine neu reward occurs spike production ron

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Unformatted text preview: redicted, no learning, the conditioned stimulus predicts production) if an reward, and the reward occurs according Reward predicted to the prediction— hence no error in the predicted, and a prediction of reward. The dopamine neu- Reward occurs spike production) ron is activated by the reward-predicting worse than predic stimulus but fails to be activated by the predicted reward (right). (Bottom) After Computation learning, the conditioned stimulus predicts CS R a reward, but the reward fails to occur beThe TD algorithm cause of a mistake in the behavioral reReward predicted suited to underst sponse of the monkey. The activity of the No reward occurs played by the do dopamine neuron is depressed exactly at the time when the reward would have octhe information i curred. The depression occurs more than (8, 10, 12). This 1 s after the conditioned stimulus without in dopamine act any intervening stimuli, revealing an inter-1 0 1 2s supervisory sign nal representation of the time of the preCS (No R) changes (8, 10, dicted reward. Neuronal activity i...
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