Functionality abstraction is the process of

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Unformatted text preview: racted, • or alternatively, an important piece of functionality may be omitted. – Functionality abstraction is the process of determining which functionality is important. view – For example, depending on how a car is viewed (e.g. in terms of something to be registered, or alternatively something to be repaired, etc.) different sets of characteristics will emerge as being important. Page 4 Dr. S. GANNOUNI & Dr. A. TOUIR view view Introduction to OOP Encapsulation Principle • Abstraction involves reducing a real world entity to its abstraction essential defining characteristics. • Encapsulation extends this idea by also modeling and linking each data of an entity to the appropriate functionality of that entity. Page 5 Dr. S. GANNOUNI & Dr. A. TOUIR Introduction to OOP Encapsulation Gives Classes • OOP makes use of encapsulation to ensure that data is used in an appropriate manner. – by preventing from accessing data in a nonintended manner (e.g. asking if an Integer is true or false, etc.). • • Through encapsulation, only a predetermined appropriate group of operations may be applied (have access) to the data. Place data and the operations that act on that data in the same class. Page 6 • Encapsulation is the OO principle that all...
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