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x object kasree 0 1 bast maquam b the constructor b

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Unformatted text preview: OOP Class with Multiple Constructors public class Kasree { private int bast; private int maquam; A. The constructor A. The constructor A. declared with no-parameter declared with no-parameter is used to create the object is used to create the object public Kasree() { bast = 0; maquam =1; } public Kasree(int a, int b) { bast = a; if (b != 0) maquam = b; else maquam = 1; } ... x Object: Kasree 0 1 bast maquam B. The constructor B. The constructor B. declared with parameters is declared with parameters is used to create the object used to create the object y } Kasree x , y; x = new Kasree() y = new Kasree(4, 3); Code Page 35 Object: Kasree A A bast B B maquam 4 3 State of Memory Dr. S. GANNOUNI & Dr. A. TOUIR Introduction to OOP Overloading • Two of the components of a method declaration comprise the method signature: • the method's name • and the parameter types. • The signature of the constructors declared above are: – Kasree() – Kasree(int, int) • overloading methods allows implementing different versions of the same method with different method signatures. • This means that methods within a class can have the same name if they have different parameter lists. Page 36 Dr. S. GANNOUNI & Dr. A. TOUIR Introduction to OOP Overloading (cont.) • Overloaded methods are differentiated by: • the number, • and the type of the arguments passed into the method. • You cannot declare more than one method with: • the same name, • and the same number and type of parameters. • The compiler does not consider return type when differentiating methods. • No declaration of two methods having the same signature even if they have a different return type. Page 37 Dr. S. GANNOUNI & Dr. A. TOUIR Introduction to OOP...
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