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Unformatted text preview: in host countries are inferior to those in the home nation. FALSE 12. The ethical obligations of a multinational corporation toward employment conditions, human rights, and corruption are always clear‐cut. FALSE 13. How has the WTO helped globalization of markets and production? A. It has made low‐interest loans available to cash‐strapped governments in poor nations. B. It required the borrowing nation‐states to adopt specific economic policies aimed at economic growth. C. It sought to create a more open global business system unencumbered by barriers to trade and investment between countries. D. It committed to cooperate in solving international problems and in promoting respect for human rights. 14. Which of the following can be traced to an ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle? A. Collectivism B. Individualism C. Som D. Totalitarianism 15. _____ refers to unspoken language. A. Discrete communication B. Nonverbal communication C. Silent communication D. Passive communication 16. This is a c...
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