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Unformatted text preview: and its managers can do to make sure ethical issues are considered in business decisions? A. Favor hiring and promoting people with a well‐grounded sense of personal ethics. B. Develop moral courage. C. Build an organizational culture that has a high value on ethical behavior. D. Promote individuals with a proven track record of unethical behaviors. Bonus Question from News Articles – 10 points Bonus. From the September 23, 2013, Viet Nam News article, “New iPhone models fail to impress locals”: What two features of the phone are possibly unacceptable in Vietnam? (Select two answers). A. High price. B. Size of phone. C. Speed of microprocessor. D. Size of screen. Page 3 of 3 131017 A1 Week 2 Exam 1 ‐ KEY.docx BUS 350 – International Business – Paul McAfee Keuka College – ITEC – HCMC, Việt Nam October 17, 2013 International Business Week 2 Exam 1 – 100 points (10 points toward final grade). “Global Business Today” text chapters 1‐4 Full Name: CIRCLE YOUR CLASS: HC...
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