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Unformatted text preview: on to geographically separate locations becomes more economical. TRUE 3. Most forecasts now predict a rapid rise in world output accounted for by developing nations such as China, India, and South Korea, and a rapid decline in the share enjoyed by rich industrialized countries such as Britain and the United States. TRUE 4. In the 1960s, global business activity was dominated by large Japanese multinational corporations. FALSE 5. The relationship among religion, ethics, and society is straightforward and relatively easy to discern. FALSE 6. A system that stresses the primacy of collective goals over individual goals is called collectivism. TRUE 7. The legal system of a country is influenced by its prevailing political system as well as historical tradition. TRUE 8. A copyright grants the inventor of a new product or process exclusive rights to the manufacture, use, or sale of that invention. FALSE Page 1 of 3 131017 B2 Week 2 Exam 1 ‐ KEY.docx BUS 350 – International Business – Paul McAfee Keuka College – ITEC – HCMC, Việt...
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