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Unformatted text preview: llege – ITEC – HCMC, Việt Nam October 17, 2013 International Business Week 2 Exam 1 – 100 points (10 points toward final grade). “Global Business Today” text chapters 1‐4 Full Name: CIRCLE YOUR CLASS: HC12 A HC12 B Keuka ID Number: Please complete the following 20 True/False or Multiple Choice questions by selecting one response for each question (total for True/False and Multiple Choice = 100 points). 1. A company has to be a major multinational corporation to facilitate, and benefit from, the globalization of markets. FALSE 2. In the 1960s, global business activity was dominated by large Japanese multinational corporations. FALSE 3. Changes in China are creating both opportunities and threats for established international businesses. TRUE 4. The range of problems confronted by a manager in an international business is not wider, and the problems themselves are not more complex, than those confronted by a manager in a domestic business. FALSE 5. The Greek philosopher Plato adv...
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