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Blackboard Reading Wednesday Postmodern Condition Lyotard discusses the postmodern condition as a rejection of “metanarratives” and disbelief in these universals, specifically though the progress of science and age. People come to the realization that these metanarratives do not achieve to fit all into their theories and we have become aware of the diverse perspectives, beliefs and outlooks. Mass media, scientific advancement and communications improvement have all been causative in this disassociation from metanarratives. Lyotard claims that postmodernists believe in smaller narratives, which allow for the fragmentation of greater ideas into clearer, smaller ideas that may coexist. This ties in with the idea of contemporary art discussed in Art History in many ways. First to understand postmodern art, one must understand its rejection of the ideas held in modern art. Modern art was all about universality and the progression of art. They wanted to reject tradition and discover new methods of creation and new aesthetic
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