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Blackboard Reading Monday Femmage The purpose behind femmage art is to incorporate aspects of historically and traditionally female activities in each work. “The women’s culture is the framework for femmage.” These elements are often artifacts, saved items and cut outs saved as a memory and “reminder of its place in a woman’s life” used to tribute the past recycling of these items for survival purposes. Through femmage, the items used can be appreciated not only for their “aesthetic element” but for as the “natural materials” that they were that
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Unformatted text preview: were needed for “spritual, and often physical survival”. Femmage is a decorative art that is a collage of these pieces of female life, public and private. An example of femmage art would be Personal Appearance #3 by Mariam Shapiro. This piece uses acrylic and fabric to form a collage. The work is done with overlaying of rectangular pieces of fabric and abstract shapes placed all over the canvas. The fabrics used are those normally associated with women’s craftswork to emphasize the importance of distinguishing this form of art from one done by a male....
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