For simplicity well treat w as a binary vector

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Unformatted text preview: For simplicity we’ll treat w as a binary vector. Perceiving the image as only that from the left eye would be w = 1. Nick Jones Sampling and the Brain: Inference, Control and Driving Occlusion L R Left eye xL ; Right eye xR ; Perception s; sn = wn xn − (1 − wn )xn ; w is a binary vector. For fixed images we might expect a statistical model to yield a 1 posterior distributed about a consensus version of w e.g. w = 2 . A fusion not a rivalry. Suppose that each eye’s input is partly blocked by some dead pixels (e.g. intervening objects or vessels or eye’s blindspot). Encode these as images: Left eye occlusion π L Right eye occlusion π R Suppose, further, that these occlusions undergo Glauber dynamics.If we couple this noise in appropriately it can induce a bimodal distribution on the marginal posteriors over sn with one L R mode associated with xn and one as...
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