This is dened for w continuous though well treat it

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Unformatted text preview: the nth element i( Where w/n means holding all w constant save the other terms are independent of wn and so need not be considered. This is defined for w continuous though we’ll treat it as binary. And similarly: i i i i P (πn |π/n ) ∝ exp (−τ (απn + γ j ∈Cn (πn − πji )2 )) i Noting that the second distribution is defined only for πn ∈ {0, 1} (and that it is independent of x and w). Nick Jones Sampling and the Brain: Inference, Control and Driving Sampling and Sampling Dynamics In this view we draw from the conditionals and (after burn-in) the set of sampled states approximates a sample from P (s, π |x). However when we interpret this as a process in the world then the claim is not just that the brain sensibly samples from P (s, π |x) it is that the dynamics of this sampling have psychological/physiological observables. Nick Jones Sampling and the Brain: Infe...
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