The examples will be in matlab and you will be

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Unformatted text preview: ether. The examples will be in MATLAB and you will be expected to bring a laptop with MATLAB. /www3.imperial.ac.uk/ict/services/softwarehardware/ softwarepurchase/softwareshop/priceindex/ studentpricelist If you don’t have a laptop please let me know. At the moment the course occurs on four Fridays at 3pm. This clashes with Dr Buck’s course on bio-structure. Affects anyone? Philosophy: This is a graduate course, and a research course, during it you will be implementing contemporary research. Use each other and the range of attendees from MRes, PhD students and Post-Docs. Nick Jones Inference, Control and Driving of Natural Systems How the course will be structured: We will be adopting an intensive format that reflects the way you learn. Default: 1pm more theoretical. 3pm applying the theory. Inference: First week has two days (4 Lectures), Second week has three days (6 lectures). Two week pause for consolidation. Control: Five day week. 10 Lectures Two week pause for consolidation. Driving: Five day week. 10 Lectures Logistics: Regular exam at the end - but 10 percent will come from turning in course work: providing code that shows participation in the practicals. Circulate a paper recording your names if you might take this as an exam (M...
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