Notes on Chapter 8 examples

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Unformatted text preview: g b100 Kg 13,490 kJ c. 8.10 a. b. The difference is the flow work done on the gas in the continuous system. Qadditional heat needed to raise temperature of vessel wall + heat that escapes from wall to surroundings. C p is a constant, i. e. C p is independent of T. Q mC p T Cp Q mT Table B.2 8.11 H U PV Q mT (16.73 - 6.14) kJ Cp 1L (2.00 L)(3.10 K) 659 g Cp 0.216 kJ / (mol o C) 86.17 g 10 3 J 1 mol FG H IJ FG U IJ H TK H TK F U I dU F U I depends only on T, G H T JK dT GH T JK PV RT H U RT a Tf = 0.223 kJ / (mol K) 0.216 kJ / (mol K) P p But since U 1 kJ p 8-3 R p Cv V Cp FG U IJ H TK Cp Cv R p R...
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