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Final Exam Review - Lateral joint line in knee Ulnar...

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Final Exam Review: Landmarks ENS 265L Medial Joint Line 7 th cervical vertebrae bony projection Pes anserine sartorious, gracilis and semimembranosus all attach here “Goose foot” Anterior tibialis lock leg Pull foot toward you Most superficial Anatomical snuffbox Navicular foot on medial side of foot Semimebranosis most medial hamstring PIP hand proximal interphalangeal joint Bout injury Ulnar collateral of thumb in between thumb and finger at hand Distal radius fracture Sternoclavicular joint ATF ankle anterior talofibular Ligament in ankle Most frequently sprained Plantar fascia at bottom of foot Scapula Valgus knee test MCL Anterior drawer knee tests ACL Talo-crural joint in ankle tibia and talus Sternum Ulnar collateral ligament on medial side of elbow Post tibialis deepest in back MCP hand metacarpal phalangeal joint Where the ulnar collateral ligament of thumb is Quad muscles in thigh vastus lateralis Vastus medialis Vastus intermedius Rectus femoris Lunate of wrist bones of wrist DIP hand distal interphalangeal joint Mallet finger injury
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Unformatted text preview: Lateral joint line in knee Ulnar styloid process in wrist lateral Bony bump Acromion on top of shoulder Deltoid complex in foot medial side of ankle Triceps long head Lateral head 1 Medial head Brachial artery inside of elbow Varus knee tests LCL Lachmans knee tests severe ACL Cuboid in foot On lateral side Radius Clavicle Location of wrist flexors palm up Spleen left side of body Under 12 th rib Scaphoid of wrist Gastrocnemius Iliac crest Olecranon bursa in elbow Fibula lateral Smaller bone Glenohumeral joint shoulder Sesmoids foot underneath ball of foot Supraspinatus shoulder most common injury of rotator cuff Annular ligament in elbow keeps radius in place Runs across on inside Lumbar spine 5 th lumbar vertebrae Anterior drawer in ankle tests lateral ankle sprain in ankle Pull heel forward McMurry knee tests meniscus Calcaneofibular ligament lateral ankle Distal to ATF Malleolus m/l bony projections on ankle 2...
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Final Exam Review - Lateral joint line in knee Ulnar...

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