Chapter 1 counselinng

The basic listening skills of questioning clients

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Unformatted text preview: that provide specific alternatives for you to use with many types of clients • Effective use of micro skills enables you to anticipate or predict how clients will respond to your interventions • Attending behavior- this culturally and individually appropriate skill includes patters of eye contact, body language, vocal qualities and verbal tracking • Pyramid of Micro skills page 15 • The basic listening skills of questioning, clients observations, encouraging, paraphrasing, summarizing and reflecting feelings • Confrontation is considering critical for client growth and change • As you gain a sense of your own expertise and power, you will learn that each client has a totally unique response to you and your natural style • You will want to be flexible and have many alternatives ready to help your varying clientele • Step by step- warm up, view, read, practice, generalize Drawing out client stories • • Your first task is to listen carefully to these stories and learn how clients come to think, feel ad act as they do • Sometimes, simply listening carefully with empathy and care is enough to produce meaning change • Development and growth are the aim of all that we do • In the midst of negative and deeply troubling stories, one of your tasks is to search for strengths and resources that will empower the client • Listening to the story, finding...
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