Chapter 1 counselinng

Paraphrasing reflection of feelings and summarization

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Unformatted text preview: positive strengths in that story or another life dimension and rewriting a new narrative for action are what interviewing, counseling, and psychotherapy are about • In short- relationship- story and strengths- goals- restory- action Relationship- story and strengths- goals- restory and action • Narrative theory is a relatively new model for understanding counseling, interviewing and psychotherapy sessions • Narrative theory emphasizes storytelling and the generation of new meaning Relationship- • Develop rapport and trust with your client • Working alliance which in turn is based on what is now called the common factors approach • Your ability to listen and be with the client is the starting point for the interview Story and Strengths- • Attending and observation skills are critical, while encouraging, paraphrasing, reflection of feelings and summarization will help fill out the story • Seek out and listen for times when the client has successfully overcame obstacles Goals- • Too many interviews wonder and never have a focus Restory- • Generate new ways to talk about themselves • Many times effective listening is sufficient to provide clients with the strengths and power to develop their own new narratives • The five step interview with its many adaptations can be used to enable clients to find new ways of making meaning Action- • All of the above effor...
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