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Mean to you your past or future life o often precedes

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Unformatted text preview: as are brought together, providing the client with a new insight Both skills: o Central to restorying, creating the New, and developing new neural pathways in the brain o Seek implicit issues and meanings below the surface of client conversation o May also help clients find their “center of being” To Elicit Meaning o Ask the client some variation of the basic question “What does...mean to you, your past, or future life? o Often precedes reflection o Eliciting and reflecting meaning is an opening for the client to explore issues for which there is no final answer, but rather a deeper awareness of the possibilities of life o Effective exploration of meaning becomes a major strategy in which you bring out client stories, past, present, and future o Use all the listening, focusing, and confrontation skills to facilitate this self- examination, yet the focus remains on the client’s meaning and finding purpose in his or her life Reflection of Meaning Meanings are close to core experiencing. Encourage clients to explore their own meanings and values in more depth from their own perspective. Questions to elicit meaning are often a vital first step. A reflection of meaning looks very similar to a paraphrase, but focuses on going beyond what the cli...
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