Of interviewing the skills of interpretationreframing

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Unformatted text preview: ly on negatives. It helps to uncover deeper meaning and enables clients to become more positive in their outlook. Dereflection and modification of underlying attitudes uncover meaning and facilitate new attitudes. Many clients hyper- reflect (think about something too much) on negative meaning of events. Similar to interpretation/reframing, but the client, rather than the counsellor does much of the positive thinking. The Skills of Interpretation/Reframing o Interpretation/reframing helps the client to restory or look at a problem from a more useful perspective o Interpretation provides new perspective and ways of thinking beneath what a client says and does o The reframe provides another frame of reference for considering problems or issues o Interviewer listens to client story and learns how client makes sense of or interprets the story o Interviewer draws from personal experience and observation of the client, or a theoretical framework to help provide an alternate meaning or interpretation of the narrative o Respect client’s framework before interpreting or reframing their words o The value of an interpretation depends on the client’s reaction to it and how he or she changes thoughts, feelings, and behaviours o If client denies or ignores the interpretation, you are working with denial o If client explores interpretation/reframe and makes some gain, you have moved that client to bargaining and partial understanding o Interchangeable responses and acceptance of interpretation important part of gradually growth toward a new understanding of self and situation o Transcendence, perhap...
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