They may make movements away from the interviewer

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Unformatted text preview: concrete, and help concrete clients to become more abstract and pattern oriented- you want them to be in the middle of the abstraction ladder • need to match our own style and language to the uniqueness of the client “I” statements and “other” statements example “I” vs. “other” statements include: o “I’m working hard to get along with my partner. I’ve tried to change and meet him/her halfway” vs. “ It’s her/his fault. No change is happening” o “I feel terrible. If only I could do more to help. I try so hard.” vs. “Dad’s an alcoholic. Everyone suffers.” • there is a need to balance internal and external responsibility for the issues, counsellors need to help individuals look at their issues but also to help them consider how these concerns relate to others and the surrounding environment Discrepancies and conflict exam...
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