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Chapter 13 – Social Support

Support and health individuals health status and risk

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Unformatted text preview: , or after stressful event – support has positive effect on person who is experiencing stress • having support system – contributes to overall sense of happiness • belief that life is good creates more optimistic approach to life – so person does not perceive many things as stressful in first place Social Support and Health • individuals’ health status and risk of dying – strongly associated with extent and nature of social network • mortality rates of men and women with few social contacts – two to three times higher than those with many social connections • positive effects of social support on immune system – can alleviate major stressor of poor health • heart disease – Dr. Ornish – isolation as risk factor as important as high cholesterol levels or obesity • social support – having support of people you trust and can talk to, those you feel in close connection with, and those you share both good and bad times with Love Languages • Gary Chapman – people express love and receive love in different ways – “love languages” o words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts...
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