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Chapter 13 – Social Support

Other trusted females when women stressed need to

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Unformatted text preview: to better communication – leads to better understanding and better relationships • when we actively try to understand other people, respecting their frame of reference and uniqueness, we give them freedom to say what they really think and feel – affirms them and fosters relationship • try to listen to more than the words the other person is saying – striving to discern what he/she is feeling • four stages: 1. Mimic content of communication – repeat exactly what is said 2. Rephrase content – put meaning into your own words 3. Reflect feeling – listen and look to nature of emotion behind communication, observing non- verbal communication 4. Rephrase content and reflect feeling – put both the other’s verbal meaning and emotional content in your own words • empathic listening not appropriate in all circumstances o most effective when interaction has strong emotional component, when we are not sure we understand, and when we are not sure the other person feels confident we understand Listening • tips for becoming better listener: o listen more, talk less o suspend judgment o look for interesting aspects of o...
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