Chapter 13 – Social Support

We evaluate evaluation is method of viewing a

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Unformatted text preview: when you felt totally and completely loved – which love language(s) were you receiving? Communication • important quality for relationship to survive and thrive – effective communication • relationships develop through communication • • • • qualities that support working relationship: 1. communication 2. affection 3. compassion/forgiveness 4. honestly 5. acceptance 6. dependability 7. sense of humour 8. romance (including sex) 9. patience 10. freedom qualities most destructive to loving, growing mature relationship: 1. lack of communication 2. selfishness 3. dishonestly 4. jealousy 5. lack of trust listening and touch – impact stress related to communication communication not always clear o sender may not deliver message with precise meaning intended o person receiving does not always capture precise meaning o message always has room for interpretation o imperfection of communication – frequently source of stress and frustration Listening • listening: facet of communication for which we receive least amount of...
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