Chapter 13 – Social Support

What way do you express love to partner regularly

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Unformatted text preview: love o visible signs of love that impact those who receive them • acts of service: those things you do for partner that you know they would like you to do o require thought, planning, time, effort, energy o if done with positive attitude – expressions of love o feel loved if partner helps with things such as cooking, cleaning, yard work, house maintenance no matter what role partner believes he/she should play in relationship • physical touch: common expression of love o hugging, kissing, holding hands – familiar ways to express emotion o sex – only small part of physical touch and not necessarily love language o physical touch – expresses many forms of emotion Determining Love Language 1. what does partner do or fail to do that hurts you most deeply? opposite is probably love language 2. what have you most often requested of partner? thing you request most often likely what would make you feel most loved 3. what way do you express love to partner regularly? method of expressing love may indicate what would make you feel loved 4. think back to time...
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