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Chapter 12 – Alcohol and Tobacco

Tract pipes people who only smoke pipes and do not

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Unformatted text preview: likely to have a heart attack Heart Disease and Stroke • heart attack – leading cause of death in smokers • doubles risk of heart disease • smokers who suffer heart attacks – only 50% chance of recovering • 70% higher death rate from heart disease • • • • • • heavy smokers: 200% higher death rate smoking more dangerous than high BP and high cholesterol smoking causes cardiomyopathy – weakens heart’s ability to pump blood – speculate either nicotine or CO has direct toxic effect other diseases: aortic aneurysm, pulmonary heart disease progression of atherosclerosis among former smokers – faster pace than nonsmokers risk of stroke increase 2- 3 times; quitting reduces risk considerably Cancer • the more people smoker, the longer, and the earlier they start, the more likely to develop lung cancer • smoking two or more packs a day: lung cancer mortality 15- 25 times greater than nonsmokers • stop before cancer has started: lung tissue tends to repair itself • depressed smokers more likely to develop cancer Respiratory Problems • impairs respiratory system • breathlessness, chronic cough, excess phlegm production • 18 times more likely to die of non- cancerous diseases of lungs • COPD – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – emphysema and chronic bronchitis o progressive limitation of flow of air into and out of lungs o emphysema: limitation result of disease changes in lunch tissue, affecting bronchioles and walls of alveoli; eventually many alveoli destroyed, lungs less able to bring in oxygen and remove CO2, heart has to work harder to deliver oxygen o chronic bronchitis: bronchial tubes in lungs become inflamed, thickening walls of bronchi and production of mucus increases – narrowing air passages Other Problems • gum disease, lose significantly more teeth • stomach and duodenal ulcers • mouth, throat and other cancers • cirrhosis of liver • worsen symptoms of allergies, diabetes, hypertension, peptic ulcers, disorders of lungs or blood vessels • men: 10 cigarettes or more / day: sexual impotence • miss work more than nonsmokers • increases likelihood of anxiety, panic attacks, social phobias Smoking in Canada • most serious and widespread addictive behaviour in world • • • major cause of preventable deaths Canada 2007: 5 million people smoke rate of daily smoking has declined over past two decades Tobacco Use on Campus ...
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