Chapter 11 – Time and Life Management

What three or four things are most important to me

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Unformatted text preview: versus Importance • distinguish between the urgent and the important • • • • • • we put the urgent, those things demanding our attention in the moment, before the important, the things that would make a difference in the long term activities in four quadrants: o quadrant 1 activities will demand our attention at times o quadrant 2 activities, the important activities, should be our first things – the things on which we focus most of our time and energy quadrant 1: urgent and important o crises o pressing problems o deadline- driven projects o urgent meetings o important things that we have procrastinated about quadrant 2: important, not urgent o preparation o prevention o values clarification o planning o relationship building o true recreation o empowerment quadrant 3: urgent, but not important o interruptions, some phone calls o some mail, some reports o some meetings o many proximate, pressing matters o many popular activities quadrant 4: not urgent, not important o trivia o busywork o some phone calls o time wasters o “escape” activities Quadrant Planning in Action Step 1: Quadrant 2 questions • what do I want to be, do, and contribute in my life? • what three or four things are most important to me? • what are my long- range goals? • which relationships are most important to me? • what are my main responsibilities? • what contributions would I like to make? • what principles do I value? • what feelings do I want to experience in life? • how would I spend the coming week if I were to have only 6 months to live? Step 2: Identify roles • to increase feelings of order and balance, and to help answer quadrant 2 questions, we focus on our roles in life • a holistic view of life involves a balance between the various dimensions of life, including the physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual Step 3: Sharpen the Saw • these ar...
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