Chapter 17 – The Spirit of Health and Wellness

Alternatives to the way you plan and live your life o

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Unformatted text preview: l healthy and well? Connectedness to Oneself • setting aside time to question who we are and what we want to accomplish can bring richness to life and be healthy for us • questioning and searching helps us discover our spiritual selves • listen to intuition or hunches • notice situations or events that test abilities and challenge way of thinking • engage in reflective practice Connectedness to Others • as spiritual growth occurs, many come to believe that all human beings are connected to one another • presented with alternatives to the way you plan and live your life o begin to believe one person can make a difference and that person might be you • psychologists: connectedness is conscience o when you listen to conscience, you see yourself as someone who is part of a bigger world and know that what you do has impact on others o when we don’t listen to conscience, ego takes over ! e...
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