Chapter 17 – The Spirit of Health and Wellness

What is hold to be sacred o transcendent beliefs and

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Unformatted text preview: • hard to measure relationship between spirituality, religion and health with no common definition • common elements within dimension of spiritual wellness: o hope, meaning, purpose in life o connectedness, honestly, compassion, forgiveness o rituals, recognition of what is hold to be sacred o transcendent beliefs and experiences (may include sense of higher power) • religion: specific system of belief about a deity, often involving rituals, code of ethics, philosophy of life; usually represents special doctrine to group of people • spirituality about feeling more complete and fulfilled as human being • spiritually well individuals learn how to experience love, joy, peace, fulfilment Embracing Spirituality • begin by asking questions: o what is my understanding of spirituality? o what am I passionate about? what are my strengths? o what type of work and personal experiences make me feel good about myself? make me fee...
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