Chapter 8 – Managing Emotions

3 do whatever you are afraid of at least three times

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Unformatted text preview: lishment and gives meaning to life Managing Fear 1. fear can motivate positive action; fear can serve a protective function in times of real physical danger 2. nothing in the world is inherently fearful; fear is an internal experience; the emotion of fear is the result of the thoughts we create inside our minds 3. fear is learned; most of what we learn to fear is a result of personal experience or our belief in someone else’s experience; fear can also be unlearned 4. with practice and experience, we can learn to overcome our fears; we get better at handling fear through practice and experience; we need to step out of our comfort zone, look at what we fear straight in the face, and move toward it, to rid ourselves of our fears Strategy for Overcoming Fear 1. Admit you are afraid. List things that cause you to feel fear. Try to imagine them without emotion of fear. Learn to disassociate pain from the event. 2. Confront your fear. Do whatever it is you are afraid of. Realize that your fear will intensify as you face it, but do it anyway. Try to imagine the situation is not fearful. 3. Do whatever you are afraid of at least three times. Chances are you will be less afraid each time. 4. As you confront fear, call it something else – excitement or challenge • allay a fear of failure with a sense of self- assurance and self- efficacy Fear- Faith Connection • the more we believe our lives are about something, things happen for a reason, and we are meant to benefit form experience of journey, the more courageous and less fearful we are when confronted with difficult situations • faith you have in yourself and your abilities • underlying fears – lack of trust in our ability to handle something o need to remember we can handle it • never overcome all fears, but can conquer fears that prevent you from living...
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