Chapter 8 – Managing Emotions

There o reality there is no pain in discomfort zones

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Unformatted text preview: any place, situation, relationship, experience where we do not feel threatened o usually a known place or situation where we feel safe and in control prefer being in places, around people, and doing things that are more comfortable to us in comfort zone: experience little growth or progress to grow: need to leave comfort zone and move out into discomfort zone moving out of comfort zone can help us progress in direction of our potential it takes effort o effort usually involves overcoming or dealing with some kind of fear outside of comfort zone: feel fear because we believe there is some kind of pain or discomfort out there o reality: there is no pain in discomfort zones anytime find ourselves afraid: mentally examine each step prior to event and event itself and remove any unreal pain o by realizing no real pain involved except pain created in our own mind, we can choose to think differently about it o recognize no real pain involved: more likely to move forward in direction of desire without fear or apprehension o become free to move confidently toward any outcome we choose 1. most of us believe we are here not to be stuck in a rut of comfort but to grow and move in the direction of our potential 2. our natural inclination is to be comfortable – to remain in our comfort zone 3. we need to balance our need to grow with our desire to feel comfortable 4. overcoming fear is necessary for growth; growth takes effort 5. moving toward your potential results in feelings of accomp...
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