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Chapter 5 – Personal Nutrition

Dietary fibre non digestible form of carbohydrate

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Unformatted text preview: res body gets sufficient protein Carbohydrates • organic compounds provide our brain with glucose – basic fuel • classified according to number and type of simple sugar units present o monosaccharides – simple sugars – one sugar unit – glucose, fructose, galactose o disaccharides - two sugar units linked – sucrose, lactose, maltose o polysaccharides – complex carbohydrates – more than 10 sugar units – starches and glycogen o fibre also carbohydrate • simple carbohydrates: natural sugars and added sugars • complex carbohydrates: foundation of healthy diet – include grains, cereals, vegetables, beans, buts • dietary fibre – non- digestible form of carbohydrate – occurs naturally in plant foods • functional fibre – isolated, non- digestible carbohydrates – added to foods, provide beneficial effects in humans • glycemic index (GI) – measure of how much a carbohydrate- containing food is likely to raise blood sugar o foods can be divided into low, medium and high glycemic values Fats • important nutrient o carry fat- soluble vitamins: A, D, E,...
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