Chapter 3 – Psychosocial Health

Breakdown of families pressures of information age

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Unformatted text preview: of utter despair • symptoms: o mood swings: happy to miserable, optimistic to despairing o changes in thinking: thoughts speeding, unrealistic self- confidence, difficulty concentrating o changes in behaviour: sudden immersion in plans an projects, talking very rapidly & much more than usual, excessive spending, impaired judgment o changes in physical condition: less need for sleep, increased energy Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) • SAD – depressive symptoms only in fall and winter • might result from shorter day lengths where exposure to sunlight is limited • treatments: light therapy (phototherapy) Why Are So Many Young People Depressed? • breakdown of families, pressures of information age, increased isolation – do not cause depression, but can bring out depression in those who are susceptible • depression: illness of the CNS – common, impairing, can be lethal • family history of depression – increase a young person’s vulnerability • stress may predispose individuals to initial episode • factors associated with physical illness may contribute to onset or worsening of depression – psychological impact of disability,...
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