1st Amendment paper

The first amendment rights is something worth having

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Unformatted text preview: er. The First Amendment rights is something worth having as a form of expression without having the Federal government intervening on your Constitutional right , but also something that affects people in a harmful way as emotionally and physically. There’s an article on the First Amendment rights by the news media in the United States on political speech on political officials; they are saying that these news media’s like the New York Times do not feel that their First Amendment rights are being protected. The New York Times are trying to find a way to protect its First Amendment rights from the Federal government, and “a corporate division has once again exercised its First Amendment rights to argue that corporations don't have First Amendment rights” (Taranto). In the past there has been a court case ruling on this issue of corporate media’s using their First Amendment rights to publish libel means towards political officials; such as, the New York Times vs. Sullivan were the court ruling was that the New York Times was able to advertise about public officials regardless if the statements are true or not. Recently there was a court ruling on the government censoring on political speech by unions, and “the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission made a 5-4 ruling struck down portions of two laws that imposed the government to censor on political speech by corporations, except for media co...
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