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MI. 1 A MI Definition Principles & Approach V4 012911

Change talk change talk is defined as statements

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Unformatted text preview: sitives of making change. There are several levels of reflection ranging from simple to more complex. Different types of reflections are skillfully used as clients demonstrate different levels of readiness for change. For example, some types of reflections are more helpful when the client seems resistant and others more appropriate when the client offers statements more indicative of commitment to change. Summaries are a special type of reflection where the therapist recaps what has occurred in all or part of a counseling session(s). Summaries communicate interest, understanding and call attention to important elements of the discussion. They may be used to shift attention or direction and prepare the client to “move on.” Summaries can highlight both sides of a client’s ambivalence about change and promote the development of discrepancy by strategically selecting what information should be included and what can be minimized or excluded. Change Talk Change talk is defined as statements by the client...
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