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In motivational interviewing counselors support

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Unformatted text preview: s of expressing empathy relies on the client’s experiencing the counselor as able to see the world as they (the client) sees it. • Support Self ­Efficacy MI is a strengths ­based approach that believes that clients have within themselves the capabilities to change successfully. A client's belief that change is possible (self ­efficacy) is needed to instill hope about making those difficult changes. Clients often have previously tried and been unable to achieve or maintain the desired change, creating doubt about their ability to succeed. In Motivational Interviewing, counselors support self ­efficacy by focusing on previous successes and highlighting skills and strengths that the client already has. • Roll with Resistance From an MI perspective, resistance in treatment occurs when then the client experiences a conflict between their view of the “problem” or the “solution” and that of the clinician or when the client experiences their freed...
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