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Mi is evocative seeks to call forth the persons own

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Unformatted text preview: ind of conversation about change (counseling, therapy, consultation, method of communication) 2. MI is collaborative (person ­centered, partnership, honors autonomy, not expert ­ recipient) 3. MI is evocative (seeks to call forth the person’s own motivation and commitment) These core elements are included in three increasingly detailed levels of definition: Lay person’s definition (What’s it for?): Motivational Interviewing is a collaborative conversation to strengthen a person’s own motivation for and commitment to change. A pragmatic practitioner’s definition (Why would I use it?): Motivational Interviewing is a person ­centered counseling method for addressing the common problem of ambivalence about change. A technical therapeutic definition (How does it work?): Motivational Interviewing is a collaborative, goal ­oriented method of communication with particular attention to the language o...
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