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There are several levels of reflection ranging from

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Unformatted text preview: efforts have been unsuccessful. Affirmations often involve reframing behaviors or concerns as evidence of positive client qualities. Affirmations are a key element in facilitating the MI principle of Supporting Self ­efficacy. • • Reflections or reflective listening is perhaps the most crucial skill in Motivational Interviewing. It has two primary purposes. First is to bring to life the principle of Expressing Empathy. By careful listening and reflective responses, the client comes to feel that the counselor understands the issues from their perspective. Beyond this, strategic use reflective listening is a core intervention toward guiding the client toward change, supporting the goal ­directed aspect of MI. In this use of reflections, the therapist guides the client towards resolving ambivalence by a focus on the negative aspects of the status quo and the po...
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